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Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.

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Pu-erh tea Brewing and Storage

Brewing Pu-erh

Brewing Pu-erh tea can be simple:

1. Prepare tea set.
Brewing-Pu-erh 1

2. When prying leaves from a tuo, cake or brick, try to remove layer by layer and avoid breaking the tea leaves too much.

3. While water is boiling, add 3-5 grams of tea leaves to your tea pot.
Brewing-Pu-erh 2

4. Wash tea leaves 2 times for period of about 5-10 seconds each time.
Brewing-Pu-erh 3

5. The first two infusions wash the leaves and prime them, pour away the tea water, or use the tea water to wash cups.
Brewing-Pu-erh 4

6. The third infusion is to be drank. Use a small strainer to catch tea leaves before they enter cup.
Brewing-Pu-erh 5

7. The 3rd to 10th infusions don't require long infusions times, 5-30 seconds will be OK (depending on how light or dark you want).
Brewing-Pu-erh 6

8. Pour tea water into small cups for drinking.
Brewing-Pu-erh 7

Repeat step 6, 7, 8.
Pu-erh tea usually can be infused anywhere between 10 - 20 times.

Pu-erh Storage

Pu-erh tea is traditionally compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage: