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Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.

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These are some words we have received from our customers:

"I am happy to report that your tea shipment has arrived in very good time. Even better, each piece is in fine condition! and there is no damage at all. You have done an excellent packing job. (I also like your labels.) I will be posting a positive note (under an alias) on one or more Internet tea newsgroups. Thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to doing business again."
Alaric, USA

"I received my box yesterday! Everything was neatly packed and nothing damaged. Thank you for the excellent customer service! I look forward to placing other orders in the future."
Alex, USA

"I have tried the tea that you sent. It's very good! thank you very much for your accuracy, business honesty and speed. I am buying things from the net all the time. It's the first time that a chinese company delivers so fast, so correctly, such nice products. I'll be your client. Thank you again."
Apostolos, Greece

"I have to tell how much we appreciate working with your company. Everything is right and well labeled. If you knew how much troubles we had with our first Chinese provider... I wish you success. It is so nice working with people who knows what they sell and who are giving us a real service. Thank you very much."
Andre, Switzerland

"Started working as your trade representative:). Chinese tea club here in Lithuania would like to order some tea from you."
Armandas, Lithuania

"Everything is all right. The tea from you is very tasty ! See you next time."
Boguslaw, Poland

"I am enjoying your tea! My friends and family love it too... I will be ordering again."
Cecile, USA

"Thank you very much for your great co-operation. I'm very happy because one of my good business partner lives in Kumming. Thank you again."
Cho, Korea

"I enjoy shopping at your site, and thank you for providing me the excellent Pu-erh tea."
Chung, USA

"I received my tea today. Everything looks great, and it's the best packing job I have seen from any tea vendor. :) Much appreciated..."
Dave, USA

"The tea arrived in good order. Everything looks great—I am enjoying a cup now! Thanks for your help, and for your excellent service. I will certainly be in touch next time I need more tea!"
Dan, USA

I received the order today and once again I thank you for your prompt despatch and courtesy. The tea is excellent and most enjoyable and beneficial. If your company is typical of those in China then it is hardly surprising that your country's economy is growing so fast.
Derek, UK

"Everything is OK...Teas look fine, fragrance is nice. I will have chance to taste them. Thank you very much."
Elmira, Greece

"I received my 2nd order today. Thank you very much, I look forward to drinking the tea. I also look forward to ordering from you again in the future."
Fred, USA

"I got the tea today. Pleasure doing business with you. I will purchase some more tea when im finished with the one I just got."
George, Australia

"I have received my order and I would like to express to you my happiness with the products from your tea shop. The order arrived much quicker than I expected and I am very satisfied with my experience with your shop. I will be placing orders with you again..."
Gerry, Canada

"It is such a rare find to be able to talk with someone who is so friendly and professional. Your service is excellent. I will let you know when order number 2 arrives. I will prepare order number 3."
Greg, USA

"The tea arrived in good order. You have been most helpful and I am now enjoying the tea. I have high cholesterol and the tuocha is helping me enormously. I am telling my friends about the tea so there may be other enquiries."
Jason, UK

"I just received my third order and I have to say you have been the best pu-erh dealer I have dealt with so far. I was previously just a green tea and wulong drinker and have just started to teach myself about pu-erh. It's probably the most complex tea to learn about that I've come across and a site like yours makes it much easier. As a beginner I appreciate the thorough descriptions, the ordered groupings, and just generally excellent organization of your site. On top of that you have the best prices not just for tea, but for delivery. Of everyone I have ordered from, yours comes the fastest and the best packaged. Thank you for all of these things. Good Job!"
Jeff, USA

"I will pass on the site to others who have enjoyed your tea at my home and office. Many people are wanting to stop drinking coffee and your tea is a great way to do this!"
Jen, USA

"Your parcel of tea arrived ok. Thank you:) I was pleased to see you had labelled everything, which will make this much easier on tea identification a few years down the track. I'll be buying from you again:)"
Kathy, Australia

"Thank you good sir, the love of my life enjoyed your teas immensely and I'm glad to place another order."
Manuel, USA

"I would like to express my extreme satisfaction with your company, service and professionalism. Early December I ordered 2 cakes of my favourite, and so far unattainable, puerh tea. They arrived today approximately 2 and a half weeks later, perfectly wrapped and in perfect condition. I will certainly order from you again."
Michael, Australia

"Thank you so much for your great service! Hope to be back to you soon for more great tea!... your customer support is so helpful and the service overall is great."
Oleg, Ukraine

"Thank you for your prompt service....Thank you for the wonderful packing boxes too ... everyone likes it."
Sungkook, USA

"I received the parcel with Pu-erh. I am very pleased.... it's flawless from packaging, paper, flavor, etc, etc.. Thank you to all those who sweat picking tea leaves. Thanks workers who processed tea plants. Thanks to those who packed Pu-erh.... everyone."
Stefan, Romania

"I got my package on Monday and then made some tasting notes and pictures on the first I tried. I am happy with my order and will order again in the future."
Steven, USA

"Have just received the parcel with the wonderful tea we ordered. Everything was nicely packed and labelled. Thanks for your great customer service and for making Pu-erh tea available online."
Tanja, Australia

"I have recieved both my orders already! Shipping time is excellent! I must say, I do love the way you wrap every single item, and especially how you send the loose tea in a cardbord box - it protects both the tea and the labels! Considering how reasonably prices your tea is, your service is truly valued."
Terje, Norway

"My order arrived this afternoon well packaged and in excellent condition. I will review the order with some of the online pu-erh discussion groups and inform them of your great service, and I will be placing another order in a few days."
Thomas, USA