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Congratulations! You have found the best source for Pu-erh tea available. Our teas, literally, come direct from the native place to your home. We take great pride in the quality of our Yunnan Pu-erh tea with your complete satisfaction being our goal.

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Haiwan Golden Memory Raw Pu-erh
2009 Haiwan Golden Memory Raw Pu-erh * 357g


Haiwan 9978 Pu-erh Cake
2008 Haiwan 9978 Lao Tong Zhi Ripe Pu-erh Cake * 357g


Yubang Dong Ban Shan Raw Cake
2010 Yubang Dong Ban Shan Ancient Tree Raw Cake * 357g


In Yunnan, there are many tea plantations, and there is no doubt that the most famous regions for cultivating Pu-erh tea are Xishuangbanna, and then Dali, where the traditional Pu-erh tea manufacturing method was born. And, we cannot ignore the tea from Puer, Lincang, Baoshan and Dehong, where plantations account for half of the entire province, tea output accounts for 60% of Yunnan tea products. The flavor of the tea varies from area to area. This variation comes from many factors including weather conditions and the favorable environment. The climate of Yunnan is classified as subtropical plateau type climate, providing superior natural conditions for growing large-leaf tea trees which feature early budding, long growth period, strong buds and tender leaf texture, they have become unique materials for preparing Pu-erhs. As one of the most famous teas among the top ten Chinese teas, Pu-erh tea is well-known amongst the Chinese communities especially for its strong taste and health benefits. Known to many of the tea lovers, cakes that produced with raw materials plucking from Six Famous Tea Mountains offer rich and special aftertaste, which other types of tea unable to offer.

Tea factories and tea shops are everywhere in Yunnan. Come to Yunnan, and you will find all kinds of Pu-erhs, including Tuocha, Pu-erh Brick, Pu-erh Cake and more. Most of these teas have been produced by factories dedicated to the art, while contributing to the healthy lifestyle of the people in the region. Xiaguan Tea Factory is famous for tuocha, Menghai Tea Factory, for tea cake, and Kunming Tea Factory, for tea brick. These common shapes of compressed tea are considered the standard of perfection for Pu-erh tea in the traditional forms, also the first hand experience for beginners when they come to choosing Pu-erhs.

Yunnan Pu-erh tea is much more than "just" a Chinese tea, as it provides many proven health benefits. We are here to offer a highly credible resource of information on the subject of Yunnan Pu-erh tea. If you have not tried our teas, please do so, we know that you will enjoy.