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Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.

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A Natural Beverage for your Beauty and Health
----Yunnan Tuocha Tea

pu-erh tea set Yunnan Tuocha Tea was proved to be an efficacious beverage with the functions of eliminating fat, reducing weight, strengthening body and lengthening longevity by specialists at a conference about Yunnan Tuocha tea held in Pairs. An experiment had been undertaken Professor Bernagageto of indoor Hospital in Keretayi of Henrylendo Medical College in Pairs through which by twenty patients suffering from hyperlipemia were given three cups of Yunnan Tuocha tea a day. After one month, all these patients lost a quarter of the blood-lipid respectively, while those drinking other kind of teas of the same quantity showed no change in their blood-lipid content.

Moreover, another experiment was carried out by Professor Luton of Orson' Laboratory of Nutrition Physiology Institute in which two group of white rats were fed by ordinary food and food of high cholesterol respectively. Meanwhile, Yunnan Tuocha Tea was added to both types of food. A blood test was then taken nine weeks after, the result indicated that the former group had a 10% reduction in blood-lipid, while the later group 30%. The professor-in-charge concluded that Yunnan Tuocha Tea contains one or several kinds of unknown substances which when dissolve in water, the resultant solution is efficacious in stimulating metabolism, and balancing and regulating the level of cholesterol.

During a clinical research conducted by the Kunming Medical College. 86 cases of hyperlipemia were examined and compared of which 55 were treated by Yunnan Tuocha Tea and 31 by clofibrate, an efficient fat-reducing medicine. The result after comparison proved that Yunnan Tuocha Tea is more efficacious than clofibrate in reducing the lipid level. Besides, it causes no side effects. It is also highly reputed as ' slimming tea', 'beauty tea' and 'healthy tea' in more than twenty countries and regions including France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

gold crown prize
The gold crown prize in the 9th Competition for the world's Excellent Food held in 1986

The gold crown prize in the 10th Competition for the world's Excellent Food held in 1987

The gold crown prize in the 16th Competition for the world's Excellent Food held in 1993

The 10th golden Europe award for quality in 1996

The 10th golden American award for quality in 1998