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Reports Made by Chinese and Foreign Experts
On Yunnan Tuocha

The French Professor confirmed that Yunnan Tuocha is Capable of Keeping Balance and control Over Cholesterol

In Paris, an investigation of Yunnan Tuocha had once again made the tea famous for having incredible effect. A professor of Paris Henrylendo Medical College had treated 20 patients having too much fat in there blood by taking three bowls of Tuocha daily. After a month, the patients were found to have 1/4 of their fat in the blood reduced and other patients having taken other tea beverage did not have such effect. Professor Luton, head of the Orson, Laboratory of Nutrition, said that "Yunnan Tuocha possesses one or more unknown substance which, while dissolved in water, can improve metabolism, balance and control cholesterol".

Western Experts Deeply Interested in Studying the Medical Effect of Yunnan Tuocha

Reports on Yunnan Tuocha tea 1
On July, 1987, a French nutritionist made a report on the result of the clinical experiment of the effects of Yunnan Tuocha and it drew great attention of the press.
News from the French News Agency in Paris said that Yunnan Tuocha, a beverage used to be taken to digest lipid and to improve the appetite, had presently drawn much attention of the European scientists. Medical treatment taken by 20 patients suffering from hyperlipemia proved the medical effect of Tuocha. After taking this tea here times daily for a month, the percentage of lipid had dropped by 22%.

It is not accidental that Yunnan Tuocha has such specific effect on human body. Wang Yu, the famous poet on song Dynasty, wrote in his poem that "It has a fragrance better than the orchids in the nine gardens and it has a round figure which is quite similar with the full moon in the Autumn. Not to taste it for fear of running out of stock and it is made only to serve the old parents".

Yunnan Tuocha has a neutral character and it is a specific health beverage good for people of all ages. In France, Spain, Japan, Hongkong and other countries and regions, Tuocha is honoured as a fat reducing and beauty improving health beverage and it has been used as precious gift for the VIPs.

Reports on Yunnan Tuocha tea 1
At "the 10th Superior Foodstuffs Expo" held in West Germany in October 1987, the representatives of Yunnan Tuocha received an award from the chairman of the appraisal committee. Yunnan Tuocha was the winner of the award.
Led by professor Lu Tong, another experiment were undertaken in Orson' Laboratory of Nutrition. The professor said that the experiment on the mouse had indicated that the soluble nutrition of Yunnan Tuocha was the metabolism of cholesterol. It is likely that this tea possesses one or more composition which effects the metabolism of cholesterol.

So fat the experiment has been carried out only in the body of animal and then it will be the human body in which experiment is to be taken.

Experiment in the clinic of The French National Health and Medical Research Institute has proved that: Yunnan Tuocha Can Reduce Lipid in Human Blood

News from NCNA Paris said that according to the report of the French News Agency, clinical experiment of the French National Health & Medical Research Institute had proved that the Chinese Yunnan Tuocha had reduced the lipid in the blood of 20 patients by 22%. Professor Luton from Orson' Laboratory of Nutrition said that "this tea possesses some contents which is unknown yet. These soluble substances effect and control the metabolism of cholesterol". And "Yunnan Tuocha is likely to have one or more specific contents which effect the metabolism of cholesterol".