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Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.

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2005 Menghai 7592 Dayi Pu-erh Chitse Beeng Cha

Menghai 7592 Dayi Pu-erh 7592 is a traditional ripe Pu-erh from Menghai Tea Factory. The tea consists mostly of larger mature leaves with a light sprinkling of young stalks that can easily be broken off of the cake for servings. This 2005 vintage Pu-erh brews bright red liquor with a rich aged flavor, gives a sweet and balanced taste, perfectly drinkable now but great potential after a few years of aging.

PREPARATION: To prepare Pu-erh tea from cakes, carefully pry out the desired amount leaves and place in a teapot. Rinse by covering with boiling water and quickly pour off. Cover with boiling water again and let steep 5-30 seconds (depending on how light or dark you want the tea) and serve. Pu-erh tea can be steeped 10-20 times.

Tea factory: Menghai Tea Factory
Tea Type: Cooked / Shu Pu-erh
Harvest Area: Menghai
Harvest Year: 2005
Net Weight: 357 grams (12.59 ounces)

Size & Price:
2005 Menghai 7592 Dayi Pu-erh Chitse Beeng Cha * 357g

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