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Authentic Pu-erh tea delivered directly to your door from Yunnan, China.

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2005 Yubang Yiwu Mountain Arbor Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake

Yubang Yiwu Arbor Tree Pu-erh Cake Yiwu Pu-erh tea is famous for its unique flavor that goes through complex and numerous changes as it ages. Guyi has selected premium large leaves from Yiwu mountain arbor trees for this raw cake. Seven years of age, the tea gives an astonishingly well-developed rich taste, produce a long-lasting liquid that is both light in intensity and full-bodied in flavour. Perfectly drinkable now but great potential after a few years of aging.

PREPARATION: To prepare Pu-erh tea from cakes, carefully pry out the desired amount leaves and place in a teapot. Rinse by covering with boiling water and quickly pour off. Cover with boiling water again and let steep 5-30 seconds (depending on how light or dark you want the tea) and serve. Pu-erh tea can be steeped 10-20 times.

Tea factory: Kunming Guyi company
Tea Type: Raw / Green Pu-erh
Harvest Area: Yiwu Mountain, Xishuangbanna
Harvest Year: 2005
Net Weight: 357 grams (12.59 ounces)

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2005 Yubang Yiwu Mountain Arbor Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake - 357g

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